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Chesed shel Emes

Chesed shel Emes

חסד של אמת

  • Chesed Shel Emes is a multi-faceted organization which has been providing vital services to Klal Yisroel for more than 35 years.
  • We provide many services to families from before the passing of a loved through the Burial.

חברה קדישא

  • We send minyan to local hospitals to recite פסוקי יחוד before
  • We have an advance team who prepares nifturim in hospitals for removal יציאת נשמה
  • We are a full fledge Free Chevra Kadisha doing more than 1000 Taharas for any Yid who isn’t a member of a kehilla, and many times also covering for kehillas who need mutual assistance.

מת מצוה

  • We have 7 Cemeteries where we bury Meisei mitzvah.
  • We buried already close to 2000 Meisei Mitzva since our founding.
  • We did about 100 Meisei mitzvah last tear, we’re up to 80 this year.
  • Every Meis mitzvah costs us minimum of $3600, and when there’s airfare involved it is about additional $1000-$1500
  • A Meis Mitzva, is a nifter who has no family at all, or the family doesn’t have the means to pay for Kever Yisroel, or a nifter who was saved from cremation.


  • The Cemetery in Woodridge is currently undergoing a major construction project, all Metzeivos are being reset with new foundations. A massive drainage system is being installed, and a new road is being paved.
  • This ongoing project will run into about $250,000.

כבוד המת

  • We do כבוד המת cleanups at scenes of accidents or other tragic deaths.
  • We’re on the front lines preventing חילול המתים by fighting autopsies and halting cremations.
  • We work with medical examiners and coroners all over the United States, to educate them on the הלכות of כבוד המת.
  • We assist families to navigate investigations and government bureaucracies.


  • When coronavirus hit, our Chevra Kadisha was the only one that not only operated at full capacity, but we also covered for many other Chevra Kadishas who couldn’t operate.
  • Our volunteers did more than 800 Taharas during a 2 month period
  • We buried more than 30 Meisei Mitzva
  • We assisted many Chevra Kadishas with logistics
Chesed shel Emes
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